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The God's Chat Room, Post Apocalypse
<God> ... Ah dammit. >_<
<Zeus> wat is it man ?
<God> A thing of mine just CRASHED HARD and it was very important.
<Zeus> what wsa it?
<God> That 'Human' project I was working on for the last who knows how lomg.
<God> Long.
<odin> What pop up?
<God> Ummm, fuck, hold on.
<Jupiter> <God> Fuck, why did I give them free will? The made blue Pepsi! WHY?!?!
<God> Hey, BP's good shit. : P
<Jupiter> Syas you. : P
<God> Bah. Anyways, this came up:
<God> And I didn't save, so everything's GONE.
<Ometeotl> weel , that was stupid.
<God> Sorry, I'm a little pissed. Been working on this for too long.
* Satan ( has joined #deities
<Satan> Hey.
<Satan> ne1 wanna cyber. >D
<Zeus> just g-mans
:iconarjei:arjei 1 1
MLP: Fim - Fear and Loathing short
We were on the edge of Balestow, on the edge of the desert, when the sugar started to take hold. I remember turning to my purple maned friend and saying:
"I'm feeling a bit twitchy. Maybe you should drive."
Suddenly there was a huge roar all around us and the sky was filled with what looked like a cross between a cocktrice's nightmare and a manticore's wet dream, all swooping and screeching at the cart. I heard myself blurt out "Holy Celestia, what are these goddamned animals?"
My good friend and unfortunate travel buddy Rarity turned to me asking "Pinkie? Are you alright?"
"Yeah yeah," I mumbled out. "I'm fine. I just think it's your turn to drive." No point in mentioning the beasts. Poor filly will see them soon enough.
A sudden huff came from my unwilling cohort. "Well stop so I can take over."
It took a second to process her words, followed by a quick jam on the brakes when I realized what she said. "What? Are you insane? We can't stop here, this is... Well, I don't know what those
:iconarjei:arjei 1 0
Mystery Equestria Theater 3000 - Intro
Turn down your lights. (If there's an alicorn available.)
It was early afternoon at the Ponyville Library where six good friends were mulling over, of all things, a book.
"So, Twilight, how did you come across this?" Asked Rarity, prodding the tome with her hoof.
"Well," answered Twilight Sparkle, "Whenever I have to order books for the library's patrons from the main branch in Canterlot..."
"Along with whatever you want." Spike's voice rang out from the kitchen. The purple unicorn shot the dragon a glare of dissatisfaction through the door of the kitchen before continuing on.
"Whenever I receive the order, there are always some extra books. Usually it's older ones the main branch has to remove to make room for new arrivals, but they want to keep them in the system. A lot of times it's something mundane; a well worn textbook, a biography of a little know stallion, or a bit of clop fiction. Things of that nature. But this..." Twilight's hoof ran over one of the edges of the
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Graffiti Rabbit by kompy Graffiti Rabbit :iconkompy:kompy 4 5



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RJ Bachler
United States
I could do one of those common DA IDs, but I'm not like that. So here's a short rundown of who I am:

I'm Shinji's Vault of Anime MSTings/Everything What is Crap LJ maintainer.
I'm prior service Army, and a vet. (Non-combat)
I tend to fuck around too much on video games.
I'm a geek that dabbles in every bit of geekdom. (Jack of all geek trades, master of none.)
I'm a brony. And because of this and my roots in the MST3K fandom I'm writing Mystery Equestria Theater 3000.

I don't know what else to tell you. I'm a simple man, just something I'll love and understand... wait, that Skynyrd.


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Are you still there?
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I see all, Anvil-chan.
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I am watched! I will try to produce something of interest.
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May ask you some questions?
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Sure, go ahead.
Wesdaaman Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2012  Student General Artist
Is it true that you are still working on that latest MET3k on one of my fanfics?

PS, I actually kind of enjoy your reviews on them
arjei Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2012
Yes, but things like that do take some time. Hopefully it'll be done sometime in the next couple of weeks.
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